Special News Feature

Explore the Green Line

Here's what you need to know to walk, bike and drive safely along the new light rail line.

Spirit airlines

MSP to move Spirit Airlines to accommodate growth

Last year, the airline with the a la carte fee schedule for carry-on bags and other amenities more than doubled its passenger traffic at the airport to about 600,000.
Dean Tofteland sprays his fields.

State officials promise tougher approach on nitrates contaminating groundwater

Minnesotans are spending millions of dollars to deal with nitrate contamination in their water, and the state agriculture department says it's time to insist that farmers do more to prevent the problem.
Trampled By Turtles

Trampled by Turtles: 'Wild Animals' has a new sound

Today's Morning Edition music is the song "Hollow" from the new Trampled by Turtles album "Wild Animals" which comes out next week. The album, produced by fellow Duluthian Alan Sparhawk, of Low, is less frenetic than what we've come to expect from TOT.
419 Cedar Ave. S.

No signs of voting impropriety found in Mpls.

The preliminary findings, announced at a hearing Thursday, come two weeks after the attorney for DFL State Rep. Phyllis Kahn filed a complaint that asked for an investigation into possible voter fraud.

MnSCU criticized for lack of contract information

The contract with McKinsey & Co., comes as a surprise to students, faculty and legislators involved.
Lush lawn

Quest to save groundwater aims at love for lush, green lawns

Lawn watering is one of the biggest uses of groundwater in Minnesota, but a combination of technology, pricing and attitude change suggests that residents may be starting to change their behavior.
Kristy Pauling, daughter Katelyn

Montevideo man ready to grow marijuana

A Montevideo man says he's prepared to build and run the state's first medical marijuana manufacturing operation if the state can't get the drug elsewhere. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Jeremy Pauling about his proposal.
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